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These 3 Heart-Pounding Quick Changes Had Us On The Edge Of Our Seats

(Youtube via ABC)

Nearly every Broadway show has them and sometimes they can be a defining moment of theatre magic. They're called "quick changes" in the biz and according to's glossary of theatre terms, they're defined as, "A change of costume that needs to happen very quickly [that] takes place close to the side of the stage." They add, "Costume designers need to know about the need for a quick change so that the costume is made incorporating elements such as velcro and zips rather than buttons."

Have you been amazed by a quick change before? Sometimes they're so fast, we wonder how they happened.

Here our are favorite quick changes that kept our hearts pounding:

1. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Watch as John Rapson, who played all 8 members of the D'YSquith family in the touring company, completely transforms multiple times in just seconds.

2. The King & I

In this clip from the Tony Awards, watch as Kelli O'Hara makes her quick change as Ruthie Ann Miles sings onstage.

3. Beautiful

Watch as the cast of Beautiful flies through costume changes while the action continues on stage.

Have you ever been in a show where you had to do a quick change? We'd love to hear about it. Comment below!