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CNN Anchor Brutally Breaks Down the 'Bogus BS' Tactic Trump Uses When Proven Wrong About Conspiracies

CNN Anchor Brutally Breaks Down the 'Bogus BS' Tactic Trump Uses When Proven Wrong About Conspiracies

CNN host Brianna Keilar has earned widespread popularity for her searing, detailed breakdowns of misinformation peddled by President Donald Trump and Fox News.

Thursday was no different when Keilar addressed the dueling town halls between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The town halls—on two different networks in the exact same time slots—were held in lieu of a debate after Trump refused to debate Biden virtually, despite testing positive for the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans.

This led Keilar to embark on a detailed breakdown of Trump's past remarks regarding debates in both 2016 and 2020—especially excoriation of the moderator, and claims that his opponents are taking performance enhancing drugs.

She went on to detail what Trump does when proven wrong—and how the conservative Fox News network amplifies his baseless attacks.

Watch below.

Keilar said:

"The format and rules have pretty much remained the same for the last 30+ years, through eight elections. The only reason they're contemplating a change now is because of the President's behavior, interrupting his opponent at a feverish and unproductive pace. But of course, it's not just the format."

She went on to address Trump's repeated attacks against the Commission on Presidential Debates, which he claims are biased against Republicans:

"The Commission is, and has long been, made up of both Republicans and Democrats, and the commission's current chairman was chairman of the RNC for six years. But even then, the blame always seems to turn to the moderator."

Keilar highlighted clips of Trump berating moderators of his past debates, such as Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, as well as CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Then, Keilar noted Trump's further excuses, such as baseless claims of microphone failure, drug usage by his opponents, and other lies.

She also called out Fox News' amplification of the bogus claims.

"It is a cynical, cynical strategy. The President and his allies push and push conspiracy theories and misinformation. They repeat them ad nauseam so that millions of viewers just end up adopting it as fact."

Keilar continued:

"But what's funny about the President and his enabling propagandists at Fox, when it's time to pay up, when they are proven to be wrong, there's no apology, they just drop it. Like their absurd predictions never even happened, and then they move on to the next bogus BS that they cycle on repeat."

People applauded her takedown of both Trump and the network that enables him.

People are growing weary of Trump's constant conspiracy theories.

The presidential election is on November 3, but early voting has begun in at least 40 states.