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Are Brianna & Danae Still Together on 'Teen Mom, Young and Pregnant'?

Brianna and Danae are two cast members on MTV's newest series, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Early on in the series premiere, we learned that Brianna's boyfriend, Danae, is transgender, and is not the biological father of her child.

Brianna is 17 and gave birth to her son, Braeson, last August. She graduated high school in June 2017.

She explains that she and Danae were on-and-off for three years and have always had a tumultuous relationship. It was during one of their 'breaks' that Brianna hooked up with an old friend and got pregnant.

In her casting video for MTV, she says, "I fell in love with [Danae] for who he is." Danae adds, "Me being trans, I can show him there is so much more to this world."

In the premiere, the teen mother's friend, Madison, comes over for a visit.  Brianna tells Madison that Danae has been extremely supportive of her, and when Madison refers to Danae as "she", Brianna politely says, "I caught that you said 'she'. It's he/him pronouns. So, cause he always catches me on that, too."

The two seem to be going strong, and Danae is extremely supportive when the couple learned that Braeson would be born without an arm. But are they still dating now that filming has ended? What's their relationship status?

Social Media Suggests They Are No Longer Together

Brianna's Facebook suggests she and Danae are no longer together. In fact, her most recent profile picture, uploaded earlier this week, shows her with a new boyfriend, Robert Reams. In January, Reams changed his own Facebook picture to a photo with Brianna. She commented, "I love you baby." Reams responded, "I love you too babe."

On January 11, Brianna posted a picture of her and Reams to Facebook. Someone commented, "Is that your boyfriend," and when she said yes, she was asked what happened to her old boyfriend. "Just wasn’t happy. And he was always putting me down. We broke up a while ago."

It's unclear how their relationship will pan out on the series, but at this point, it's clear that the couple is no longer together.

Be sure to tune into a new episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant tonight on MTV at 10pm ET/PT.