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Georgia's GOP Governor May Not Be Able to Vote This Year and the Poetic Justice Is Powerful

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp faced backlash throughout this summer for botching his state's response to the virus that's killed nearly 250 thousand Americans and left millions more unemployed.

Kemp followed the calls from President Donald Trump to minimize public safety measures he feared would interrupt the economy.

The governor reopened a number of shops and small businesses as early as April, during some of the darkest days of the national health crisis, only to be criticized by Trump for the move. The governor also routinely fought against mask mandates, despite the mountains of research available showing that masks are effective at slowing the spread of the virus.

Now, Kemp's vote may not be counted because he's quarantining after being exposed to the virus.

Kemp had contact with Republican Congressman Drew Ferguson of Florida, who recently tested positive for the virus on Friday. While Kemp has tested negative, he remains under quarantine for the next two weeks.

The governor requested an absentee ballot on Friday, but it's unlikely to arrive before Election Day, by which it will need to be postmarked.

Given Kemp's dismissals of the threat posed by the virus, coupled with his history of suppressing votes, people weren't exactly sympathetic to his position.

The level of irony was off the charts.

Election Day is this Tuesday, November 3rd. Polls indicate that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a chance to win Georgia's 16 electoral votes.