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Lauren Boebert Mocked for Accidentally Backing Electoral College Abolition with Recent Tweet

Lauren Boebert Mocked for Accidentally Backing Electoral College Abolition with Recent Tweet
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Far-right Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado is one of many Republican elected officials who have embraced former President Donald Trump's fantasies that the 2020 election was somehow "stolen" from him through Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

Boebert objected to the counting of electoral votes in swing states Trump lost and has continued to sensationalize the rare occurrences of voter fraud in U.S. elections, none of which have been substantial enough to come anywhere remotely close to influencing final tallies in national elections.

On Sunday, Boebert was apparently alluding to voter fraud again when she tweeted the following.

But in doing so, Boebert paraphrased a popular slogan calling for the end of the electoral college.

Under the electoral college system, states send electors to cast a predetermined number of electoral votes in a presidential election that reflects the will of the voters in that state. Whichever candidate hits 270 electoral votes is the next President. Critics of the system argue that it grants voters in swing states an inflated voice over who the winning candidate will be. This is why it isn't necessarily rare for the winner of the popular vote to still lose the electoral college, as 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did to former President Trump in 2016.

The electoral college system is hugely beneficial to Republicans. According to data scientist David Shor, Democrats needed to win at least 52 percent of votes in order to have even a 50/50 shot at securing the presidency.

While Boebert certainly didn't call to abolish the electoral college, social media users jokingly claimed she was calling for equally distributed voter impact.

Meanwhile, criticisms of the electoral college persist.

It's highly unlikely, however, that the electoral college will be going anywhere anytime soon.