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Lauren Boebert Just Used A Psalm To Jokingly 'Pray' For Joe Biden's Death

Lauren Boebert Just Used A Psalm To Jokingly 'Pray' For Joe Biden's Death
Charis Christian Center/YouTube; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Controversial Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert drew cheers from her Evangelical Christian audience after stating she prays for the death of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Boebert made her deathwish for President Biden over the weekend at an event called the Family Camp Meeting at Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

According to the organization's website, the event featured pastors and speakers "who have proven God's Word."

A video of the event was posted to YouTube by Charis Christian Center.

The excerpt where Boebert said she prayed for the death of the President soon made it onto social media.

Boebert said:

"I do want you to know that I pray for our President."
"Psalm 109:8 says, 'May his days be few and another take his office'."
"Hallelujah! Glory to God."

The crowd of devout Evangelical Christians cheered the deathwish for the President as Boebert laughed and mugged for the crowd.

But the general public was not as supportive of her comments.

This is not the first time an Evangelical Christian gathering and a Republican legislator cited Psalm 109:8 in reference to a sitting President.

Former Georgia GOP Senator David Perdue used the same biblical reference for the United States first Black President, Barrack Obama

Speaking at a Faith & Freedom Conference in 2016, Perdue said:

"In his role as President, I think we should pray for Barack Obama."
"But I think we need to be very specific about how we pray."
"We should pray like Psalms 109:8 says."
"It says, 'Let his days be few, and let another have his office."

Perdue recently lost his bid to be the Republican candidate in Georgia's 2022 gubernatorial race.

Despite an endorsement and campaigning from former Republican President Donald Trump, Perdue came in a very distant 2nd in the GOP primary.