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Bill O'Reilly Tweeted His Theory for How Biden Did So Well During CNN Town Hall--It Did Not Go Well

Ray Tamarra/GC Images // Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Disgraced former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly may no longer have a broadcast on the infamous conservative network, but that hasn't stopped the political commentator from reiterating Republican talking points on Twitter to his millions of followers.

But one of O'Reilly's latest observations on the 2020 presidential race is generating mockery on the internet.

On Thursday night, Democratic nominee Joe Biden appeared in a CNN town hall, where he took questions from prospective voters. Biden's town hall came just days after President Donald Trump appeared in a socially distant ABC News town hall, where he was met with brutal reviews.

The town halls come as Republicans continue to insist that Biden's mind is too deteriorated to be an effective President. Trump and his allies have frequently accused the press of being too soft on Biden in their questions, claiming that the former Vice President wouldn't be able to take impromptu questions and deliver thoughtful answers.

As Biden used interactions during the town hall to show otherwise, O'Reilly insinuated Biden of getting the questions in advance.

O'Reilly said that Biden "had an idea of what the questions would be, at least areas of questioning."

Twitter users found this assertion laughable—and reminded O'Reilly that Biden is competent.

O'Reilly's accusation also contradicted the false smears from Trump's campaign that Biden is senile.

The two presidential nominees will debate for the first time on September 29.