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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Do Whitney and Buddy Have a Falling Out?

During last weeks Hawaiian 8K, long-time friend and ex-boyfriend Buddy Bell grew visibly upset over Whitney’s desire to finish the race. Despite extreme pain, the Fabulous Life star ignored entreaties from her father, Glen, and Buddy to quit the race and avoid causing damage to her foot. The last we saw Buddy and Whitney together, the former stormed off, calling the star’s need to cross the finish line a kind of “addiction.” Having been working through a rehab program, Buddy’s frustration comes from his own experience with addiction and his belief that Whitney is “addicted to winning.”

In the preview for tonight’s episode, the 10th of the season, Buddy and Whitney are clearly having difficulties seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to her finishing the 8k race. The duo hasn’t always been on the same page (as seen when Whitney requested he sign a lease to live with her), but they've always found a way to mend their friendship. Since entering rehab, Buddy has shown he’s learning more and more each day about dealing with addiction, but he’s also quick to impart that knowledge to others, whether they feel it applies or not.

At the start of the trailer, Whitney voices concerns that Buddy’s rehab and newfound attitude could be “the beginning of [them] drifting apart.” Though Buddy continues to insist that Whitney has an addiction to completing tasks despite any potential damage, the Fabulous Life star remains on the defensive. The clashing of the two personalities could lead to a falling out, especially as Buddy hints that he may not return to Greensboro after his treatment.

While fans of the televised friendship may be concerned, their worry may be premature. The most telling sign that the two are still talking can be found on Buddy’s official Instagram. In a post on March 1, 2018, Buddy came to Whitney’s defense over viewer-fueled rumors that the Fabulous Life star has a food addiction. Whether Buddy returns and stays in Greensboro and despite any rift that might grow over the remainder of the season, Whitney and Buddy's friendship is strong enough to survive it.