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Trump Supporter Gets Dragged for Saying 'Call Me Grandma Killer' in Bonkers Anti-Lockdown Twitter Rant

Fox News

In an effort to revive the economy that once was a talking point for President Donald Trump's reelection, Trump supporters are calling for non-essential businesses and other entities to reopen, bucking the advice of health experts who warn of a second, more damaging wave of the virus that's already killed over 70 thousand Americans.

Some people say that deaths are inevitable and that the country should reopen because a weakened economy is more dangerous than widespread avoidable death. They don't seem to factor in that a second wave of deaths would only further cripple the economy, likely more irreparably.

Writer Bethany Mandel, in a lengthy Twitter thread attempted to justify a premature reopening.

Mandel said the terms of lockdown orders had been made in bad faith and that if these go on much longer, society as a whole would be destroyed. She then falsely claimed there was never any shortage of lifesaving ventilators.

Then, she told her followers that she didn't care if they referred to her as a "grandma killer."

So, naturally "grandma killer" soon began trending on Twitter as people started pointing out the rampant flaws in the argument for premature reopening.

Mandel's Twitter thread was met with mockery.

Don't be a grandma killer.

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