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Barack Obama Perfectly Paid Tribute to Our Health Professionals on Twitter, and Yeah, People Miss Him So Much

Zahim Mohd/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the United States, President Donald Trump's leadership—or lack thereof—has been anything but reassuring.

The President spent weeks of precious time dismissing the virus as a "hoax," his administration bungled a rollout of crucial testing kits, and his response team to the growing health crisis leaves a lot to be desired.

His petty behavior hasn't changed either.

Even as millions of Americans looking for a leader in a tumultuous time, the President has done little to change his petty behavior.

In the past 24 hours, the President has tweeted no fewer than 50 times, calling the governor of Michigan a "failed governor" and the New York Times a "disgrace to journalism."

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama has been leading by example, including a recent tweet in which he praised the healthcare professionals working tirelessly to curb the spread of the virus.

Obama retweeted the story of Dr. Rachel Patzer, whose spouse is an emergency physician treating those infected with COVID-19. Her family made the difficult decision to isolate him in their garage apartment for the safety of their children.

Thousands of healthcare workers across the country are facing decisions like these, and the former President's words reminded people just how much they miss him.

Others echoed Obama's appreciation for healthcare workers.

One way you can help healthcare professionals is by staying at home, lessening the chance of exposure to the virus. If everyone does this, we can be sure medical facilities won't become overwhelmed.