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[SPOILER] Bachelor Winter Games: Which Four Couples Make It to the Finals?

This season of The Bachelor Winter Games culminates in four couples making it to the final competition, which will be ice skating. Read on to find out who those couples are.

Warning: BIG Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy


Dean and Lesley are one of the most stable couples on the show, as far as we know, and they're lucky enough to make it to the finals. According to US Magazine, the two were still together as of January 20.

Lesley tells the cameras the first person she was attracted to was Dean because of his eyes. The good news? They both seem to love dogs.

Stassi & Luke

Luke and Nastassia Stassi Yaramchuk Luke and Stassi.

Stassi from Sweden reportedly gets together with Luke, according to Reality Steve, and they also make it to the final competition. They'll share an upcoming date together in episode 2.

Pell was rumored to be the Bachelor in the USA for a while but that never panned out. According to E Online, he was intending on going to Paradise last season, but he was in a relationship when the show started. That romance ended up falling through. Luke tells E!, "It was good, but another, six, seven, eight months go by, and this came up. I was single, so I said, 'Hey, OK. Here we go... It's not on a beach... but whatever, it will be fun.'"

Kevin & Ashley I

Kevin and Ashley IKevin and Ashley I make it to the final four couples.

Bibiana makes it clear early on in the season that she is attracted to Kevin. And he appears to be attracted to her. The problem? Ashley I is also interested in Kevin. And we know when it comes to Ashley I, the tears are gonna start flowing...

In the end, according to Reality Steve, Ashley I and Kevin become an item, and they make it to the final four.

One of the biggest spoilers of the season? According to guru Reality Steve, Ashley loses her virginity to Kevin and they're reportedly still dating.

Courtney & Lily

Courtney and Lily from Bachelor iWinter Games

Courtney, from Australia, and Lily, from New Zealand, are the last couple to make it to the finals.