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Which 'Bachelor Winter Games' Couple Gets Engaged? [Spoiler]

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the remaining episodes of 'The Bachelor Winter Games'! Read at your own risk. 

The Bachelor Winter Games continues tonight with episode 3 of the reality series. Thursday marks the last episode of the show, and the "Tell All"will air Thursday after the finale.

Everyone is wondering if we can expect an engagement on Thursday's episode. According to a recent Tweet by The Bachelor Winter Games official page, we can. We've said it before, and we will say it again: Reality Steve has been wrong in the past. This season, though, he seems to be on top of his game.

So who gets engaged? Benoit reportedly proposes to Clare Crawley, according to Reality Steve. She says yes.


Some of you may be thinking: Benoit!? Didn't he leave after Clare shut him down? And weren't things heating up between her and Christian? Yes, yes and yes. According to Reality Steve, we'll find out on the Tell All that Benoit and Clare have been seeing one another since filming ended. "They [don't] specifically say how many times they've seen each other since filming, but have spent a lot of hours FaceTiming," Steve writes.

In true Bachelor fashion, it will all go down very dramatically. According to Reality Steve, Chris Harrison brings Clare on stage and asks the man who she's in love with to stand up. Lo and behold, Benoit appears in the crowd.

After telling everyone about their blossoming romance, Benoit then gets down on one knee and proposes. Even without Reality Steve's predictions, eagle-eyed fans could pick out that Clare is the one who gets the rock.

In the Twitter photo uploaded by The Bachelor Winter Games, whoever is wearing the engagement ring has a small gold ring on her pinkie finger. Fans have commented back with photos of Clare wearing the exact same ring in other pictures.


Who Is Benoit, Again?

Benoit is from Canada and was on the first season of Canada's The Bachelorette. He was one of the final five contestants.

The 31-year-old currently lives in Montreal, according to Pop Sugar. He works as a maitre d'hotel.

Benoit made it clear that he is very into Clare. We can only hope that their engagement leads to a successful marriage.