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'The Bachelor' 2018 Finale Spoilers

Tonight begins the two-night finale of The Bachelor on ABC.  The show will air for three hours from 8pm ET to 11pm ET. Tomorrow night, "After the Final Rose" will air from 8pm ET to 10pm ET. Yes, a total of five hours are being dedicated to The Bachelor. Why so much time? Because things don't go as Arie may have planned, which fans will see as the show unwraps tonight.


Arie Is No Longer Engaged to the Woman He Proposed to

Reality Steve was able to guess this one month ago, and it's shocking. Arie proposes to Becca on tonight's finale episode. It all goes down like usual: he gets on one knee, tells Becca he loves her, she says yes, they cry, and he puts a ring on her finger.

But as you read above, Arie is no longer engaged to Becca. The two dated for months, but in January, after the show had already started airing, he ended things with Becca. He is now dating the runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

All the Drama Was Filmed

Arie proposed to Becca on November 19th. They were together until January. The couple had three or four "Happy Couple" visits, which ABC organizes, according to Reality Steve, before everything came crashing down.

Steve says that it was during a "Happy Couple" visit in LA that Arie dumped Becca. Meaning the cameras were rolling for it all.

Confused about the chronology? Here it is, according to Reality Steve:

1) December 31: Arie and Becca celebrated New Year's together

2) January 1: The day of The Bachelor premiere, Arie called Lauren

3) The weekend of January 12: Arie and Becca had a 'Happy Couple' visit in LA. Steve reports that someone "lied" to Becca and "told [her] they were being filmed because they wanted to give the fans an update on their relationship to be shown later. This is when Arie, with cameras in tow, broke up with Becca and ended the engagement."

4) January 16: Pictures were taken of two ABC vans filming at Lauren's parents' house in Virginia.

The Final Scene Will Be Shown Unedited

For the first time ever, the finale of The Bachelor will include unedited scenes. Entertainment Weekly reported this on March 2, with a source telling them, "This is an unprecedented and extremely unusual move for the franchise. The show will include completely unedited scenes just as they were shot, with both cameras visible at all times to show every word and every moment of an incredibly emotional moment. It’s nothing like you’ve seen on The Bachelor."

Hulu Spoiled the Proposal by Accident


On Saturday, Hulu released a short tourism video for Peru that showed Arie proposing to Becca. The video was removed quickly, but not quickly enough to stop people recording the video and sharing it on Twitter.