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Swapna Krishna

Swapna Krishna is a science and tech writer, with a weekly space column at Paste Magazine. She's written about space for outlets such as Smithsonian Magazine, Fast Company, Tor.com, and The Portalist. You can find her on Twitter @skrishna.

Scientists Have Modified a Human Embryo to Eliminate a Genetic Disease

Scientists have can successfully edited the genes of a human embryo to eliminate hereditary ...


They Just Found a Massive “Hole” in our Sun

Astronomers discovered a massive hole in the Sun that's bigger than the Earth itself.


Stephen Hawking Issues Dire Prediction for What Trump Will Do To Earth

Stephen Hawking isn’t a fan of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the ...


Afghan All-Girls Robotics Team Finally Allowed to Enter United States

The State Department initially denied the team entry into the United States, citing fears ...


Fusion Energy Boasts Major Breakthrough in UK

In a major breakthrough for nuclear fusion, the UK has just switched on a ...


NASA Will Destroy Its $3.26 Billion Saturn Probe

NASA is about to crash its $3.26 billion dollar Cassini spacecraft into Saturn, but ...


A British Teenager Has Corrected a Mistake in NASA’s Data

A seventeen-year-old student found a mistake in NASA’s data from radiation detectors on the ...

light sails

Scientists Actually Wonder: Are Aliens Behind these Distant Radio Bursts?

For years, scientists have been confounded by fast radio bursts, powerful signals from distant ...