About Stephanie Casella

Stephanie Casella is a writer based just outside of New York City. She generally writes on politics, news, and culture, but occasionally delves into social issues, travel, science, food, and lifestyle.

Articles by Stephanie Casella

PHOTO: Anne Frank Obscured 2 Pages of Her Diary With Brown Paper, Scientists Have Uncovered What It Says

We’ve learned more about Frank’s style––and she had plenty of it.

Donald Trump Is Empowering U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Increase Raids

ICE raids on undocumented communities occur daily, with the ultimate goal of deportation. Advocacy groups are working to prevent this from happening, but it is seemingly uphill.

STUDY: Why Is Science Fiction Perceived as Less Valuable to Readers Than More Literary Works?

Studies reveal that people as a whole seem to prefer literary styles of writing to science fiction styles, in terms of the word choices and language employed. They even unconsciously put less effort into reading science fiction, due to learned perspective on how these types of stories should unfold.



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