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Shoshana Wodinsky

Shoshana Wodinsky is a freelance science writer based in New York. Follow her on twitter @thecortextual

A Recent Breakthrough Might Be The Key to Slowing Cancer Growth

Researchers found that two existing drugs used together may block metastasis, and slow the ...


Meet The First Gay Vulture Couple Raising Their Own Chick

For the first time in history, a pair of gay male vultures has successfully ...


This Baby Bird Was Trapped in Amber For 100 Million Years

The most complete picture to date of a prehistoric bird has just been found ...

Everything You Assumed About Violent Video Games Might Be Wrong

A team of German researchers have found that consistent gaming had little no effect ...


New Study Detects Brain Activity Even After Death

A team of Canadian researchers found one patient with mysterious brain waves that continued ...


“Metallic Hydrogen” Could Revolutionize Technology

Harvard researchers may be the first to turn gaseous hydrogen into solid metal, which ...


This Groundbreaking Therapy Just Wiped Out Cancer In These Babies

A new cancer therapy utilizes donated immune cells, offering promising results.


Human CRISPR Trials Are the New Sputnik in East v. West Race

A Chinese team has become the first to use the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 technique to ...


Scientists Just Cooled An Object Beyond the Known Limits of Physics

Using a newly developed laser-base technique, scientists were able to cool a microscopic machine ...


Scientists Just Figured Out a Way to Make Teeth Self-Regenerate

A new dental treatment promotes stem cell growth to fill cavities without the drill.