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Screenshot elements from PornStarByFace / Left: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, right: porn performer Lavish Styles / Image: Samantha Cole

Something about Aubrey Plaza’s sex tape seems a little off. Whenever she opens her mouth, her jawline turns into a mess of large pixels. At other times, her face looks mildly swollen, as if it’s too big for her head. There are a few points during the film where Plaza’s face literally stretches off her head before quickly righting itself.

Other celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Emma Watson to Lucy Liu, have had similar technical problems with their own sex tapes; in some cases, the actress’s head might be an entirely different shade from the body it’s attached to, almost as if the two pieces belong to two different people — and that’s because they do. These star-studded clips known as deepfakes (a portmanteau of “deep learning” and fake”) use machine learning to stitch the faces of celebrities onto the bodies of porn stars to make these short, explicit scenes.

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