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Shannon Cuthbert is a lover of cats, poems, and rainy days, and especially situations that combine all three! Based in Brooklyn, NY, she enjoys writing about wildlife and environmental issues, and in her spare time loves reading and writing short stories.
chimpanzees, chimpanzees catch common cold, human cold virus, chimpanzees respiratory diseases, chimpanzees disease outbreak

STUDY: Human Cold Virus Caused Deaths of 5 Chimpanzees in Uganda

A study indicates that the human cold virus led to a spate of mysterious ...

image satellite, nasa, scott tilley, amateur astronomer, magnetosphere

Amateur Astronomer Scott Tilley Locates Signal for NASA’s Long-Lost IMAGE Satellite

Summary: NASA confirmed a satellite signal found by amateur astronomer Scott Tilley to be ...

ancient beringians, beringian land bridge, native american dna origins, native american dna ancestry, native american common ancestor

What Are ‘Ancient Beringians’? Oldest Full Genetic Profile of a New World Human Ever Found

DNA from a long-buried child’s bones supports the theory that Native Americans may share ...

wilderness degradation, how is nature destroyed by humans, destruction of earth by humans, how much wilderness is left in the world, wilderness depletion

STUDY: Earth’s Wilderness Could Disappear Within 50 Years at Current Depletion Rate

A sobering new study maps wilderness loss since 1992 and projects all remaining wilderness ...

curing huntington's disease, Ionis-HTTRx Injections, Huntington's disease, huntington's disease treatment

STUDY: Ionis-HTTRx Injections Found to Be Effective at Treating Huntington’s Disease

Recent trial indicates new drug may slow mutated huntingtin gene’s creation of harmful protein ...

alligator farm industry, Sunshine Alligator Farm, Operation Alligator Thief, Florida alligator poacher sting, alligator poaching in Florida

‘Operation Alligator Thief’: How Did Florida Wildlife Officials Catch Alligator Poachers?

Florida wildlife officials created an elaborate sting operation that successfully snared nine men alleged ...

ZFN, ZFN gene editing, gene editing inside the body, brian madeux, CRISPR, gene editing, gene editing hunter syndrome, dna alteration

Brian Madeux: Who Was the First Person to Undergo In-Body DNA Alteration?

Brian Madeux recently became the first individual ever to receive in-body gene editing, in ...

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