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Mathew Shurka, Survivor of Gay Conversion Therapy, Becomes Leading Advocate for Federal Ban Movement

When Mathew Shurka was 16 years old, he found himself attracted to another boy. Confused and frightened by his feelings, he confided in his father. Initially supportive, Efraim Shurka feared his son’s homosexuality would hinder Mathew’s future success and happiness and sought a way to “fix” his son. He believed he’d found his answer in conversion therapy.

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This Isn’t the First Time Bananas Have Been Threatened By Extinction

The banana we know is not the same banana as 50 years ago. Until 1965, we were eating a more resilient and sweeter species of banana (also known as cultivar in the banana vernacular) called the Gros Michel. Unlike the current variety that is consumed and exported around the world, the Gros Michel did not require artificial ripening. However, in 1965, as reported by CNN, a fungal disease known as the Panama Disease crawled through Central America and spread throughout the rest of the world like a wildfire, thereby causing the Gros Michel to be “declared commercially extinct.” All banana plantations were infected and burned down.

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