About Richard Levangie

Richard Levangie is an award-winning journalist with degrees in science and journalism, and an MFA in creative nonfiction. His work has appeared in The Globe & Mail, The Montreal Gazette, and more than a dozen magazines. His middle grade adventure, Secrets of the Hotel Maisonneuve, won the Atlantic writing competition for unpublished manuscripts, and is currently in submission. He is writing a memoir, tentatively called Redemption is a Bottle of Red, about surviving 20 years with daily migraines and a misdiagnosed neuroendocrine tumor.

Articles by Richard Levangie

Church of the Holy Sepulchre: Location in Jerusalem Where Jesus Is Believed to Have Been Buried

Samples from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre prove that the church itself dates to the time of Constantine, while the tomb within, said to be where Christ was laid to rest, is certainly as old as Christianity.

Jane Goodall Opposes Trump Administration’s Decision To Drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Republican lawmakers opened the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling in their new tax bill, but environmentalists are playing a long game to keep the region safe from development.



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