About Michael Hartung

Michael is an actor and freelance writer in New York City. Originally from Wisconsin, Michael attended the University of Michigan where he studied Musical Theatre and Creative Writing. As an actor he has been seen on NBC in Peter Pan Live!, at the St. Louis Muny, The Gateway Playhouse, Music Theatre of Wichita, and West Virginia Public Theatre.

Articles by Michael Hartung

Costly Military Blunders in 2015

In 2015, the U.S. military budget was greater than the combined military budgets of the six highest spending nations. Though it is difficult to pinpoint where the money was spent, here are nine incidents showing where some of that money was squandered.

The Future of Transportation Is Closer Than You Think

[DIGEST: CNNMoney, skyTran, FastCoExist] A NASA Space Act company called skyTran, based in California, is closer than ever to making an efficient, sustainable and safe form of transportation a reality. The company’s patented overhead transportation system uses maglev (magnetic levitation) technology to transport passenger “cars” while emitting virtually no pollution. The computer-controlled, two-person vehicles run … Continued



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