About Mark Loproto

Mark is a full-time freelance writer from Las Vegas, NV and former Long Islander. With a creative edge, he focuses on the video game and horror industries but doesn't shy away from spinning any story that deserves to be told.

Articles by Mark Loproto

Is There a Future for the ‘Evil Dead’ Series?

Just two episodes shy of the season three finale, Starz announced that it had canceled any further production on Ash vs. Evil Dead. The decision didn’t come as a complete shock considering Bruce Campbell earlier revealed the third season finale had been written as a series finale. What really hit fans hard, however, was the … Continued

R. Lee Ermey, Dead at 74: 5 Fast Facts to Celebrate His Life

When Hollywood needed a no-nonsense military figure, it often turned to Ronald Lee Ermey. His presence was unforgettable, but at the age of 74-years-old, the marine drill instructor-turned-actor has passed away from pneumonia. He leaves behind a legacy that includes films like Full Metal Jacket, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Se7en, Toy Story, and even … Continued

‘God of War’: Do the Blades of Chaos Return?

With the reveal of SIE Santa Monica’s God of War came the realization that the old Spartan warrior had ditched his staple weapons in favor of a mystical broadaxe. Five years have passed since Santa Monica Studio’s developed the polarizing God of War prequel, Ascension, and based on footage of Kratos’ Nordic adventure, it’s quite … Continued



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