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Lorraine Boissoneault

Lorraine Boissoneault is a writer in Chicago who covers science, history, foreign affairs, and adventure. She's written for Weather.com, Salon, Forbes, JSTOR Daily and many others. Her first book, The Last Voyageurs, was published by Pegasus in April 2016.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Huge… And Growing

Though scientists have known about garbage collecting in gyres around the Pacific Ocean for ...


U.S. Signals Backing for Self-Driving Cars

[DIGEST: New York Times, Phys.org, NPR] In May, a man at the wheel of ...


The Secrets of Ancient Human History Lie in the Genome

[DIGEST: The New York Times, LiveScience, The Verge] For decades, scientists have worked to ...


Could a Harmless Bacterium Be a Cure for Cancer?

A new immunotherapy drug might help combat one of the deadliest cancers – metastatic pancreatic ...


The Latest Super-Resistant Bacteria is an STD

New strains of gonorrhea are developing resistance to multiple antibiotics, sending health officials scrambling ...


Will Killing 45,000 Wild Horses Save the American West?

A Bureau of Land Management advisory board recommended selling or killing 45,000 wild horses ...


Is a Fifth Fundamental Force Holding the Cosmos Together?

Physicists may have discovered a fifth fundamental force of nature that could explain some ...


Why Scientists Are Inserting Human Organ Cells Into Pig Embryos 

Chimeric embryos that contain both human and animal genes offer the possibility of life-saving ...


Scientists Create Never-Ending Wine Machine

A scientist invented a never-ending wine machine, that forces the fermentation process to happen ...