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Leah Crane is a Chicago-based freelance science writer and editor primarily covering physics and space. She really, ​*really*​ loves space and tweets about it at @DownHereOnEarth. She holds a BA in Physics from Carleton College and is currently working as an editorial intern at SpaceNews while seeking continuing employment in science communication.

Tardigrades Can Survive Almost Anything, and Now We Know How

DIGEST: [Gizmodo, Nature News] Tardigrades, or water bears, are tough little creatures. They’re only ...


The Extreme Origin of Our Moon

The moon was formed from a violent collision with the early Earth. It may ...


The Greatest Show on Earth: Friday’s Perseid Meteor Shower Will Be Spectacular

Early this Friday morning, the Perseid meteor shower will put on a stunning show, ...


Those Bright Spots on Dwarf Planet Ceres Lead To Unexpected Discovery

Scientists have been fascinated by Ceres’ mysterious bright spots for months; now they know ...


New Dwarf Planet Discovered Beyond Pluto

A new potential dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt could teach astronomers about the ...


A New Clue About Past Life on Mars

NASA’s observation of atomic oxygen on Mars’s provides a window into its atmosphere and ...


1,284 New Planets: Will Any Harbor Life?

Scientists from NASA’s Kepler mission just announced 1,284 new planets, giving us a window ...


Cosmic Gold Mine Solves Decades-Old Mystery

Creating the heaviest elements requires extreme circumstances: now, for the first time, scientists have ...

Ancient Black Holes May Answer The Dark Matter Riddle

The nature of dark matter is one of modern science’s biggest mysteries. Might it ...

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