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As a 28-year-old photographer, Kimberly Burnham appreciated beauty. Then an ophthalmologist diagnosed her with a genetic eye condition saying, "Consider life, if you become blind." She discovered a healing path to better vision. Today, a poet and neurosciences expert with a PhD in Integrative Medicine, Kimberly's life mission is to change the global face of brain health. Based in Spokane, Washington, Kimberly writes on health and wellness.

Humans, Armed with Rifles, Still Lost the Great Emu War of 1932

The taunt "bird brain" is unwarranted because even the dumbest of birds, the emu ...


We Thought We Understood How Memories Work; We Might Be Wrong

New research overturns 50 years of thinking that the hippocampus is the primary site ...


These Shy “Pandas of the Sea” May All Be Dead by Next Year

Without serious conservation efforts the survival of the 30 or so vaquita porpoises left ...


An Island in the Pacific Is Covered in 38 Million Pieces of Plastic Waste

Ocean plastic pollution is the new climate change. Trillions of pieces of plastic garbage ...


It Turns Out Kids With ADHD Have Different Brains

The largest brain scan study to date found a brain size and structural difference ...

vertical farms

Vertical Underwater Sea Farming Could Be Our Salvation

As climate change and overfishing causes declining fish populations more fishermen are creating ocean ...


Female Dragonflies Are Totally Faking Their Deaths

Thanatosis or the act of playing dead is common in insects. The female moorland ...


An End to Water Wars? This Device Sucks Water Out of Thin Air

New technologies and devices that mimic nature are sucking water out of thin air ...

It turns out Octopi are the Real X-Men

Octopi use a unique genetic mechanism to learn and adapt to their environment. RNA ...

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