About Keola Whittaker

Keola is a lawyer and writer from Los Angeles. He has published articles on a wide variety of topics from men's fashion to career advancement. Follow him on Twitter at @MrKeola.

Articles by Keola Whittaker

“Downright Stunning” Rare Bird Photographed For The First Time, Then Killed In The Name of Science.

[DIGEST: Yahoo, Audubon, TheDoDo.Com, Huffington Post, Discovery, Slate, American Natural History Museum] It’s not everyday that the actions of a field biologist cause public outrage. But that’s exactly what happened to Christopher Filardi, a researcher with the American Museum of Natural History, when he killed a rare bird that had not been observed by scientists … Continued

New Giant Virus Discovered In Icy Siberian Tundra

[DIGEST: Phys.org, News Bureau Illinois, Nature, LA Times, Vice] Global warming will not only result in rising ocean levels, strange weather patterns and droughts. It could also expose us to dangerous prehistoric viral pathogens. According to Phys.Org, rising temperatures enabled French researchers to recently unearth a 30,000-year-old virus in Siberia. The virus, with the ominous … Continued



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