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Keola is a lawyer and writer from Los Angeles. He has published articles on a wide variety of topics from men's fashion to career advancement. Follow him on Twitter at @MrKeola.

Tiny Nation to Asteroid Mining Companies: Make It So

Summary: The tiny nation of Luxembourg hopes that investing early in this industry will ...

Second Nexus

Police Departments Literally Are Staging Conflict. But Will It Help?

Community leaders have called on police departments to come up with new training procedures ...

Second Nexus

Stanford, UPenn, Other Institutions Breaking the Law, Putting Patients At Serious Risk

Several medical research institutions have been violating a 2007 federal law which requires them ...

“Downright Stunning” Rare Bird Photographed For The First Time, Then Killed In The Name of Science.

[DIGEST: Yahoo, Audubon, TheDoDo.Com, Huffington Post, Discovery, Slate, American Natural History Museum] It’s not ...

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New Giant Virus Discovered In Icy Siberian Tundra

[DIGEST: Phys.org, News Bureau Illinois, Nature, LA Times, Vice] Global warming will not only ...