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[DIGEST: BBC, Luxembourg, NPR]

The least populated country in the European Union has its eyes on space. Luxembourg, a country with only 465,000 inhabitants, announced that the country will be making a big investment in asteroid mining.

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[DIGEST: The Hill, New York Post, Atlantic Magazine, MSNBC, NPR]

A few weeks ago, the largest police department in the country raised the curtain on their new sensitivity training. The New York City police recruits performed a play called Anne & Emmett.

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[DIGEST: STAT News; Advisory Board Company; The Verge]

Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburg, Memorial Sloan Kettering Center and other top medical research institutions are breaking the law and putting patients at serious risk, according to an investigation by STAT News. But the government is doing almost nothing to enforce it.

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[DIGEST: CNN, Science Alert, Fortune, Slate]

Bill Gates is investing in clean energy. He’s joining up with nearly 30 other billionaires, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Virgin Group’s Richard Branson, to form a new clean energy investment group. Their goal: a world where clean energy is not more expensive than today’s hydrocarbon energy.

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[DIGEST: Yahoo, Audubon, TheDoDo.Com, Huffington Post, Discovery, Slate, American Natural History Museum]

It’s not everyday that the actions of a field biologist cause public outrage.

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[DIGEST:, News Bureau Illinois, Nature, LA Times, Vice]

Global warming will not only result in rising ocean levels, strange weather patterns and droughts. It could also expose us to dangerous prehistoric viral pathogens.

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