About Kat Merck

Kat Merck is a freelance writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. An amateur naturalist who studied forestry and natural resources at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, she writes on a wide range of topics for local and national publications.

Articles by Kat Merck

How Effective Is Shingrix, the New Shingles Vaccine?

Scientists and health experts are excited about Shingrix, a promising new vaccine to protect against shingles outbreaks.

Florida Loses Years-Long Battle to Relabel Skim Milk ‘Imitation Milk’

A fight over supplementation of vitamin A makes it to the federal court of appeals.

STUDY: New ‘SEAL’ System Delivers Multiple Vaccines in One Shot

Researchers at MIT have designed a new drug-release particle that could someday change the way we immunize kids.

STUDY: Cancer Is the Leading Cause of Death Among Firefighters

Today’s modern buildings with synthetic plastics and chemicals release toxins that can be deadly for first responders.

What Is Famadihana? Ancient Funerary Ritual in Madagascar May Be Spreading the Plague

Native Madagascans asked to stop performing traditional “turning of the bones” ceremony due to concerns over a deadly bacteria.



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