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Kat Merck is a freelance writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. An amateur naturalist who studied forestry and natural resources at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, she writes on a wide range of topics for local and national publications.

WATCH: MIT Just Invented SOFI: Soft Robotic Fish to Study Marine Life Up Close

A newly created, incredibly lifelike robot fish could potentially help scientists protect marine life ...

diabetes, diabetes studies, more than one type of diabetes? diabetes types

STUDY: Diabetes May Be 5 Distinct Diseases, Not Just Type 1 & Type 2

Instead of two types of diabetes, there could actually be five — or even ...

Venus flytrap, venus flytrap pollination, venus flytrap propagation, venus flytrap don't eat pollinators

STUDY: Venus Flytraps Don’t Absorb the Insects That Pollinate Their Flowers

Venus flytrap plants know not to eat the insects that pollinate its flowers.

climate change, climate change kids, climate change couples, climate change not having kids, environmental future

More Couples Are Choosing Not to Have Children Because of Climate Change

The U.S. birth rate has reached an all-time low, prompting some couples to admit ...

ear transplant, 3d printing synthetic ear, artificial ear, artificial ear transplant, artificial ear for humans

PHOTOS: Scientists Are Now 3D Printing Synthetic Ears Made From Patients’ Own Cells

Children born with congenital deformities may soon receive new, lab-grown ears made from their ...

varroa mites bees, varroa mites, varroa destructor, honeybees, lithium chloride

STUDY: Lithium Chloride Discovered to Kill Mites in Honeybees

Mite infestations are killing bees throughout the U.S., but German scientists have just found ...

sugar maple tree, sugar maple tree growth, maple syrup production and climate change, how does climate change affect maple syrup, global warming effects on sugar maple trees

STUDY: Sugar Maple Trees Are Under Threat From Climate Change

Two decades’ worth of forest data shows climate change is hurting sugar maples — ...