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Kat Merck is a freelance writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. An amateur naturalist who studied forestry and natural resources at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, she writes on a wide range of topics for local and national publications.

Mexico Threatens “Tortilla War” with U.S.

Mexico considers a ban on American corn in response to Trump.


There’s a Reason the Sound of Chewing Drives You Crazy

Scientists find differences in the brains of people enraged by certain sounds.


Scientists Think They Just Found 195-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tissue

Scientists may have just discovered the oldest soft tissue in existence—inside the bone of ...


Take a Cue From UPS Drivers: Don’t Turn Left

UPS has eliminated left-hand turns from its driving routes, and it’s actually a pretty ...


Could a Human-Pig Hybrid Be in our Future?

The first peer-reviewed study has been published on the creation of human-pig chimeric embryos.


The Japanese Have Started Putting QR Codes on Fingernails

A company in Japan has developed decals embedded with QR codes to be placed ...


Scientists Reverse Signs of Aging in Live Mice

Scientists have successfully reversed signs of aging in mice through a cellular reprogramming process.


Mystery Object Orbiting Close to Earth

Two objects are orbiting our solar system close to Earth, and NASA scientists aren’t ...


Tapeworms May Now Come with Your Sushi

Researchers find tapeworm larvae in salmon harvested off the coast of Alaska, indicating possible ...


France Just Took a Much-anticipated Step in Solar Power

The first driveable solar roadway has opened in northern France, paving the way for ...