About Kaitlin Ugolik

Kaitlin Ugolik is a journalist and editor living in Brooklyn. She writes about health, science, and technology, and is currently working on a book about the future of empathy.

Articles by Kaitlin Ugolik

Fake Paper Inspired by ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Episode 32, ‘Threshold’ Gets Accepted by Scientific Journal

A biologist tested whether so-called predatory journals, which charge researchers to publish their work without much real review, would really accept anything. Turns out, some will. His “experiment” on what happens to the body at “warp 10 speed” was based on a Star Trek: Voyager episode, but four journals accepted it, and one published.

STUDY: Small Talk Algorithm Helps Improve Cooperation Between Humans & Artificial Intelligence

Researchers in Utah used “chit chat” to get artificial intelligence to cooperate with humans while playing games. The implication is that rather than being a danger to humans, robots might become our allies.

STUDY: As Robots Evolve They Learn to Lie & Cheat

Robots made for sex might also have the capacity to do something else human partners do: lie and cheat. A cognitive scientist explained this possibility at the International Congress on Love and Sex in London in December.

WATCH: Video of Refugees Being Traded as Slaves in Libya

In late November a shocking video alerted the world to the slave trafficking crisis in Libya. Here’s a look at how things got to this point, and what’s being done to address the problem.



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