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Jordan Rosenfeld is author of 7 books and has published in: The Atlantic, the Daily Beast, the New York Times, Pacific Standard, Quartz, Salon, the Washington Post and many more. Her writing can be found on www.jordanrosenfeld.net, and you can follow her on Twitter @JordanRosenfeld.
empathy, why is empathy important, the case against empathy, the problem with empathy

Empathic People Get Burned Out Easily, Scientists Recommend Compassion Instead

Psychologists and neuroscientists alike have begun to take a radically different stance on the ...

permafrost, can melting ice release viruses that are harmful to humans, zombie pathogens, diseases emerging because of global warming, diseases hidden in permafrost, diseases hidden in ice

As Climate Change Melts the Permafrost, ‘Zombie Pathogens’ May Be Released

As climate change melts the permafrost, slumbering pathogens may awaken and infect humans.

Gitanjali Rao, Gitanjali Rao scientist, flint water crisis, tethys water tester, tethys lead detector

Gitanjali Rao: 11 Year-Old Girl Invented Device ‘Tethys’ to Detect Lead in Drinking Water

Inspired by the Flint water crisis, 11-year-old girl invents ingenious test for contaminated water.

STUDY: Theories for Why Scarlet Fever Is Making a Comeback Around the World

An illness thought to be mostly eradicated is alarming scientists with its startling comeback.

STUDY: Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome an Actual Disease?

The cells of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may not produce enough energy.

how much co2 does the amazon rainforest absorb, what does adding co2 to the atmosphere do to the planet's climate?, tropical forests release carbon, rainforests release more carbon, how much oxygen do rainforests produce,

STUDY: Tropical Forests Are Now Releasing More Carbon Than Oxygen Into the Atmosphere

Tropical rainforests are emitting more carbon than they take in due to deforestation and ...