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Jessica Neuman Beck

Jessica Neuman Beck is a writer, web designer and coffee addict from Portland, OR. She does not like cilantro. She has two kids and two cats, all of whom have opposable thumbs. It vexes her when people say “less” when they mean “fewer.”

The Revolution Begins at the Table: Restaurants Take On Immigration Policies

[DIGEST: Cincinnati.com, Mother Jones, Washington Times, LA Times, Mercury News, Detroit Business, Metro Times, ...


These Pristine Blue Antarctic Lakes Threaten the Ice Underneath

Antarctica contains the most ice in the world, but it’s melting. Now, scientists know ...


A Data Scientist Has Concluded Trump Doesn’t Write Half His Tweets

[DIGEST: Variance Explained, Cnet, Mic] Anyone who has heard a Trump speech can attest ...

stem cells

Stem Cell Tourism: Go For A Cure, End Up With A Tumor

Unregulated stem cell tourism has risks that left one man in a wheelchair.


Microbubbles May Revolutionize Cancer Treatment

Scientists are using microbubbles to deliver targeted doses of chemotherapy directly to the brain.

Tuition-free tech college in Silicon Valley? Billionaire investor says yes.

French billionaire is opening a revolutionary coding school in Silicon Valley - and tuition ...


Scientists May Have Found The Key To Curing The Zika Virus

Scientists have a lead on a vaccine for the Zika virus, and it can ...