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How Drones Have Changed the Way the United States Wages War

Drones have acted as white noise against the cacophony of what war actually is. They have allowed U.S. citizens to endure very little hardship associated directly with our wars, and spurred America into international policies that put military action on the front burner, rather than an action of last resort. The result has been that over the last 17 years, drones have allowed the U.S. to remain in a constant state of war. That said, the dominance and safety the U.S. has enjoyed thanks to drones may be at an impasse.

Why Is Research Into Cardiovascular Disease in Women Decades Behind That of Men? [REPORT]

Despite the health education classes, emergency response training, and the Public Service Announcements you grew up with, scientists have only begun earnestly studying heart disease in women in the last 18 years.

13 Armed Homemade Drones Penetrated Russia’s Hmeimim Air Force Base in Syria

The Kremlin now claims to know who attacked two Syrian locations and that the drones used were, in fact, far more sophisticated than countless photos and news reports would have you believe.



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