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Haley Pollock is a parent, blogger and freelance writer. A third generation Northern Californian, and native of Napa Valley, she has contributed to The Purple Fig, Offbeat Families, and writes part time for a local parenting periodical. She blogs at Murmurs Of Hecate.

Canada Legalizes Physician Assisted Suicide—But Only For Some

Canada passes Physician Assisted Suicide into law. While some are hopeful that this palliative ...


Drones Could Save the Planet, One Tree at a Time

A former NASA engineer is using her talents to develop drone technology to plant ...


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cientists have discovered a way to manipulate gut bacteria to increase the molecules that ...

Food Banks

Are Food Banks A Major Health Threat To The Poor?

Type 2 diabetes is prevalent among Americans experiencing food insecurity. How are the two ...

Facebook is blocked in China, but now so is “Face Book”

Mark Zuckerberg has won a trademark infringement case in China, where other US companies ...


Student’s Death Underscores Enduring Tragedy of Caste System

The suicide of a University student in Hyderabad, India, is drawing media attention on ...


Violence Erupts At Another Trump Rally. It’s The Worst To Date.

At a Trump rally in San Jose, California, supporters and protesters were at each ...


When No-Kill Shelters are Inhumane

No-kill shelters seem like a kinder, gentler alternative to animal impound, but do these ...