About Haley Pollock

Haley Pollock is a parent, blogger and freelance writer. A third generation Northern Californian, and native of Napa Valley, she has contributed to The Purple Fig, Offbeat Families, and writes part time for a local parenting periodical. She blogs at Murmurs Of Hecate.

Articles by Haley Pollock

Violence Erupts At Another Trump Rally. It’s The Worst To Date.

At a Trump rally in San Jose, California, supporters and protesters were at each other’s throats, throwing raw eggs and debris. Inside the hall, Trump called for his opponent to be “jailed,” while outside the rally, protesters gathered in the streets, with encounters becoming increasingly violent and unruly. They surrounded vehicles, including police cars, and … Continued

When No-Kill Shelters are Inhumane

No-kill shelters seem like a kinder, gentler alternative to animal impound, but do these unregulated agencies always have the animals’ best interests at heart? How can potential pet owners discern between a humane agency and an unhealthy shelter?



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