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Greg Stevens is an ex-academic and research scientist who still writes about sciencey things for The Kernel, The Daily Dot, Second Nexus, Me, Myself, and Robot and other publications. You can also check out his thoughts on science, religion, politics and more on his personal blog (http://gregstevens.com) and Youtube channel.

What Will Programmers Do After the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Would you rather be a Deep Network Surgeon or a A.I. Introspection Engineer?


The Military Paves the Way for Super-Humanitarian Cyborgs

This military technology could make us the most powerful humanitarian force in the world.

Second Nexus

Gravity Waves: What Can They Teach Us About the Universe?

The possibility of measuring gravity waves opens the door to a host of intriguing ...

Second Nexus

Artificial Life Just Got a Little More Real with Robot Mom

[DIGEST: News Daily, The Telegraph, Reuters] Scientists at the University of Cambridge have designed ...

Second Nexus

The Science Behind Vampires: How Blood May Keep You Young.

[DIGEST: Stanford Medicine News, The Guardian] By year’s end, we may learn whether injecting ...

Killer Robots Are Not The Problem: Humans Are.

SECOND NEXUS PERSPECTIVE A dramatic open letter was unveiled at The International Joint Conference ...

The Largest Structure in Universe Discovered: One Ring to Rule Them All

SECOND NEXUS DIGEST: Royal Astronomical Society, Mother Nature Network, Discovery According to the Royal ...

Cyborgification Part 3: What Uploading Consciousness Will Mean For The World

This article is the third in a series about using technology to overcome the most ...

Second Nexus

The Fermi Paradox, Expanded

In a casual conversation in 1950, among a number of eminent physicists of the time, ...

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