About Elleanor Chin

Elleanor Chin lives in Portland, Oregon where she writes, practices law, fusses over her family, and sometimes bakes bread and grows greens. Her writing has appeared in Bitch Magazine, Huffington Post and Feministing. She has degrees from Bryn Mawr College and the University of Michigan. She is on the Boards of the Oregon Chapter of the National Organization for Women and Family Forward Oregon. Opinions are her own, not those of any client or organization. Twitter @elleanorchin.

Articles by Elleanor Chin

Talk Like a Pirate: Iceland Repeals Anti-Blasphemy Law

EDITOR’S NOTE: Article has been updated to reflect latest communication from Birgitta Jonsdottir that the Pirate Party is the second smallest political party in the Icelandic parliament, not second largest, as erroneously reported in Geek. [Digest: New York Times, Geek, Daily Kos] An upstart political party in Iceland is making its mark with freedom of expression. On July 2, … Continued

Snow Days were Hell Weeks for America’s Working Poor

Among the many alarming effects of climate change, one receives far less attention than it deserves: its economic effect on the working poor. Most discussions of climate change acknowledge its disproportionate effect on poor communities in developing countries, primarily due to the risk of famine, displacement and disease from rising sea levels, and increases in the severity and frequency of … Continued



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