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Trump’s “Thoughtless Things” Are His Weakness

Gary Nordlinger is a Washington DC-based professor at the School of Political Management of George Washington University teaching the rules and practices of political management. Second Nexus asked him for his perspective about how politics in Washington have been transformed in the age of Trump. Professor Nordlinger evaluates President Trump’s policies and actions and explains how, … Continued

War is the “Most Dangerous Unpredictability” Says Economist Mark Weisbrot

By Jay Kuo and Thanos Dimadis In a conversation with Second Nexus, Mark Weisbrot, the renowned American economist and director of the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, discussed the state of world order in the age of Trump. On economic policies, “He remains unpredictable,” Weisbrot said, adding, “This is an important caveat.”  Weisbrot … Continued



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