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Dane is a comics writer-editor and screenwriter who lives in San Diego. He has a M.A. in Mythology Studies and Cultural Psychology, and writes on pop culture, politics, social issues, science and technology, education, and news.
Trump Puerto Rico

San Juan Mayor Slams Trump For His Disastrous Puerto Rico Trip

It seems tossing rolls of paper towels into the crowd like basketballs isn’t what the ...

The Simpsons Puerto RicoThe Simpsons Puerto Rico

‘The Simpsons’ Gets Serious, Ends Season Premiere With Puerto Rico Plea

At the end of last night’s season premiere of The Simpsons, the animated characters ...

HHS Secretary Scandal

Tom Price’s “Reimbursement” Pledge Mocked As Travel Scandal Widens

A Politico investigation reported last week that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price ...

Puerto Rico Cruise Line Aid

If Trump Won’t Send Help To Puerto Rico, Royal Caribbean Cruises Will

For a week after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, President Trump refused to temporarily ...

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey, Texas, Florida, Hurricane Irma

After The Storms: The Long-Term Effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

Aside from property and infrastructure damage, this season’s hurricanes are leaving long-lasting environmental and ...

Trump's Katrina

Clinton Versus Trump On Puerto Rico Disaster: A Tale Of Two Responses

Over the weekend, the American people witnessed a stark contrast in response to Hurricane ...