About Dane Styler

Dane is a comics writer-editor and screenwriter who lives in San Diego. He has a M.A. in Mythology Studies and Cultural Psychology, and writes on pop culture, politics, social issues, science and technology, education, and news.

Articles by Dane Styler

Trump’s EPA Chief Doubling Down On Coal And Fossil Fuels

The Trump-appointed head of the Environmental Protection Agency plans to repeal today an environmental protection put into effect by Obama. EPA chief Scott Pruitt told miners in Kentucky on Monday of his intention to remove a power plant rule that limits greenhouse gas emissions. “The war against coal is over,” Pruitt assured the miners. Attending … Continued

FEMA Doesn’t Want Us To Know How Badly The Puerto Rico Recovery Is Really Going

President Trump’s administration really doesn’t want you to know just how badly things currently are in Puerto Rico. The recovery has been slow and ineffectual, contrary to what the U.S. president’s assertions would have people believe, and now Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has removed from their website their own statistics about the lack of fresh … Continued



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