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Dane is a comics writer-editor and screenwriter who lives in San Diego. He has a M.A. in Mythology Studies and Cultural Psychology, and writes on pop culture, politics, social issues, science and technology, education, and news.
ancient teeth Lucy oldest human

9.7 Million Year-OId Fossilized Teeth Found In Germany Are Older Than ‘Lucy’

Paleontologists in Germany discovered fossilized teeth that could rewrite our understanding of early human ...

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Assault Weapons and Bump Stocks

Not content with Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn proposing legislation that would tighten background ...

Wilbur Ross Jared Kushner Russia

Paradise Papers: Leaked Documents Reveal Wilbur Ross & Jared Kushner’s Shady Dealings With Russia

Newly leaked financial documents reveal two new, previously-undisclosed ties between the Trump administration and ...

NASA Twin Study Finds Space Changes Astronauts’ Genetic Makeup

Throwing a wrench into the dream of space travel, a unique NASA study discovered ...