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Dane is a comics writer-editor and screenwriter who lives in San Diego. He has a M.A. in Mythology Studies and Cultural Psychology, and writes on pop culture, politics, social issues, science and technology, education, and news.
obamacare lawsuit, donald trump tax cuts, obamacare repeal, individual mandate, affordable care act

READ: Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Proposed Transgender Service Ban

A federal judge in Maryland is the second judge to block President Donald Trump’s ...

How Does Donald Trump Benefit From New Tax Reform Plan?

For months, President Donald Trump has pushed Republicans in Congress to cut taxes for ...

Scientists Find Ancient Viruses Make Up 8% of Our DNA

Some our 'human' DNA comes from ancient alien viruses that colonized our ancestors’ bodies ...

pentagon pays soldier transgender surgery

The Pentagon Will Pay For Transgender Military Member’s Gender Re-Assignment Surgery

The Pentagon paid for an active-duty service member’s gender transition surgery that took place ...

alt-right trolls type hate groups

What Is the ‘Alt Right’? New Analysis of Internet Trolls Shows Movement Is Growing

A taxonomy of trolls reveals how the “alternative-right” is unifying with a language of ...

millionaires billionaires congress tax cut

More Than 400 Millionaires and Billionaires Urge Congress Not to Cut Taxes on the Wealthy

More than 400 American millionaires and billionaires have signed a letter urging the Republican-controlled ...