About Chris Heide

Chris Heide is the recipient of the Kaplan Award for Narrative Journalism and is the co-Founder and editor-In-chief of Chosen Magazine, a publication that shares the stories of those who continue to fight with their addictions. He is also an avid fan of both ER and Buffy, as well as a major Britney Spears fan.

Articles by Chris Heide

REPORT: Sugar Industry Waged Decades-Long Propaganda Effort to Divert Culpability for Obesity

Recent reports validate the notion that the sugar industry has been purposefully withholding research that demonstrates sugar’s role in heart disease and its true impacts on health.

What Gun Regulations Have States Passed Since the Parkland, Florida Shooting?

As the body count amasses after each shooting, some states have finally begun to take action to quell this disturbingly violent trend, while a few other states have actually moved to loosen restrictions on gun ownership. Here is a look at some of the actions states have been taking (and not taking) in response to the gun violence debate.

REPORT: Lack of Paid Medical Leave in the US Contributes to the Spread the Flu & Other Diseases

2018 is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in recent history and America’s abysmal paid sick leave practices are not helping at all.

STUDY: Swearing May Reduce Pain

Recent studies have demonstrated that swearing may actually be an effective coping mechanism when dealing with pain.

What Caused the Opioid Epidemic? Drug Companies Flooded Small Towns With Opioids [REPORT]

A West Virginia town is just one example of overprescribing, a leading contributor to America’s ever-growing opioid epidemic.

REPORT: 21 States, D.C. File Lawsuit Against FCC Over Net Neutrality Repeal

21 states file a lawsuit to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality ruling, in the first stage of an epic showdown.

7 Top Brand Fails of 2017: Pepsi, Dove, Facebook, Uber, McDonald’s, United & Adidas

In addition to the numerous PR disasters within the world of politics, several major corporations found themselves in hot water following their own instances of branded disaster. 2017 reached a fever pitch in terms of cultural appropriation and societal insensitivity.



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