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Chris Heide

Chris Heide is the recipient of the Kaplan Award for Narrative Journalism and is the co-Founder and editor-In-chief of Chosen Magazine, a publication that shares the stories of those who continue to fight with their addictions. He is also an avid fan of both ER and Buffy, as well as a major Britney Spears fan.
Donald Trump, presidential pardons, can trump pardon state crimes

New York Officials Seek to Close Presidential Pardon Loophole

The New York Attorney General and state legislators are moving forward with efforts that ...

opioid addiction, Chris Heide, Christopher Heide, opioid crisis

Inside the Mind of an Opioid Addict

A recovered addict shares his story in hopes of killing the stigma surrounding the ...

Grindr, grindr policies, grindr privacy policy, grindr hiv status, Grindr shares hiv status with other companies

Grindr App Released HIV Status of Members to Private Third Party Companies

Grindr admits to sharing the HIV status of its members with third party companies.

Australia, cervical cancer australia, australia cervical cancer rates, eradicating cervical cancer

Australia’s HPV Vaccination Program Could Eradicate Cervical Cancer in 10 to 20 years

Australia is on track to become the first nation to potentially eliminate cervical cancer.