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Brandon began his writing career in a hospital bed in July, 2017. His mission is to provide insight into current events via daily breaking news. Brandon is also a writer for Knowable and The Hill Reporter and a contributing editor for Chosen Magazine. A total politics junkie, he ruins everyone's newsfeed on a daily basis. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. He has three cats.
us russia moon space station

Deep Space Gateway: U.S. & Russia Plan Joint Moon Exploration

The U.S. and Russia will collaborate on an ambitious plan to construct a space ...

288 P, binary asteroid

Binary Asteroid Discovery Holds Clues To Origin Of Earth’s Water

An analysis of a binary asteroid helped scientists get closer to solving the mystery ...

Donald Trump coal

Solar & Wind Power Are Growing, And It’s Killing Coal

Renewable sources of energy, like solar and wind power, have seen vast improvements in ...

black holes, supermassive black holes, black hole, Sagittarius A*, super massive black hole, Milky Way, solar masses, quasars,

Milky Way Formed By Swallowing Smaller Galaxies Into A Massive Black Hole

Astronomers recently discovered an intermediate-mass black hole near the center of our galaxy. This ...

Mars, Mars 2020 rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Will Attempt To Generate Oxygen On Mars

Mars 2020 is NASA’s next planned mission to Mars, in which a compact car-sized ...

Ecstasy, ecstasy pills, MDMA

FDA Approves MDMA Breakthrough Status For PTSD Therapy

MDMA, the molecule in the party drug Ecstasy, has been granted breakthrough status by ...


Farewell, Cassini-Huygens: Some Highlights From Its 13 Years In Saturn’s Orbit

Cassini-Huygens is humanity’s first in-depth study of Saturn and its system of rings and ...


NASA Beams Crowdsourced Tweet To The Universe On Voyager I’s 40th Birthday

In honor of Voyager 1’s 40th anniversary in space, NASA broadcast a "happy birthday" ...

NASA Mars atmosphere magnetic shield

Scientists Have Observed Snowstorms on Mars

Nighttime snowstorms on Mars caused by microbursts similar to those on Earth.


Canada Seeks To Eliminate Dairy As A Food Group

A proposal would eliminate dairy as a food group in response to a debate ...