About Brandon Gage

Brandon began his writing career in a hospital bed in July, 2017. His mission is to provide insight into current events via daily breaking news. Brandon is also a writer for Knowable and The Hill Reporter and a contributing editor for Chosen Magazine. A total politics junkie, he ruins everyone's newsfeed on a daily basis. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. He has three cats.

Articles by Brandon Gage

READ: Norm Eisen Warns White House Staff That Helping Trump With ‘Fake News Awards’ Could Violate Law

As the Trump White House continues reeling over the potential legal ramifications of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, the president remains steadfast in painting the media as the problem, despite his own history of dishonesty and legally questionable behavior. Shortly after Thanksgiving, President Trump suggested on Twitter: “We should have a contest as to … Continued

REPORT: Climate Change Costs American Taxpayers $240 Billion Per Year

Short-sighted, purely-short-term-profit-driven and willful ignorance is having profound effects on not only the planet, but on the economy as well. In the last ten years, climate change has cost Americans $240 billion per year, which according to the Universal Ecological Fund, corresponds to “about 40 percent of the current economic growth of the United States economy.”



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