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Brandon Gage

Brandon began his writing career in a hospital bed in July, 2017. His mission is to provide insight into current events via daily breaking news. Brandon is also a writer for Knowable and The Hill Reporter and a contributing editor for Chosen Magazine. A total politics junkie, he ruins everyone's newsfeed on a daily basis. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. He has three cats.

Trump’s Proposed Border Wall Will Be Exempt From Environmental Regulations

Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico is proving to be a political failure for ...


Half The Matter In Our Galaxy Is A Result Of Interstellar Recycling

A recent simulation reveals that half of the matter in our galaxy came from ...


10-Year Old Boy Spots Dinosaur Error at Natural History Museum

A 10-year old boy named Charlie's observation prompted the Natural History Museum to correct ...


New Evidence Suggests Vast Stores of Water On The Moon

Scientists believe they’ve found evidence that the moon may contain vast amounts of water ...


Men, Keep It Up: Can Daily Masturbation Help Prevent Cancer?

A new study out of Harvard reveals the health benefits of masturbation.