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Brandon began his writing career in a hospital bed in July, 2017. His mission is to provide insight into current events via daily breaking news. Brandon is also a writer for Knowable and The Hill Reporter and a contributing editor for Chosen Magazine. A total politics junkie, he ruins everyone's newsfeed on a daily basis. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. He has three cats.
earth day, donald trump, climate change, protecting the environment, environmental regulations

READ: On Earth Day, Donald Trump Praises His Administration for ‘Removing Unnecessary and Harmful Regulations’

Millions of Americans participated in events and activities promoting environmental protection and sustainability on ...

Robert De Niro Calls Donald Trump ‘Low-life in Chief’

Actor Robert DeNiro unloaded on President Donald Trump in a scathing statement during the ...

beto o'rourke, ted cruz, texas senate, 2018 midterms, quinnipiac poll

QUINNIPIAC POLL: Ted Cruz Leads Beto O’Rourke By Just 3 Points in Texas Senate Race

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) may be facing tough reelection fight in November’s midterm election. ...

michael cohen, sean hannity, stormy daniels, donald trump, elliott broidy

Sean Hannity Says Michael Cohen ‘Never Represented Me in Any Matter’

President Donald Trump’s long-time personal attorney and self-titled “fixer” appeared in a Manhattan federal ...

donald trump, james comey, a higher loyalty, robert mueller, trump comey liar

READ: Donald Trump Tweets That James Comey Is ‘a Proven Leaker & Liar’

On Thursday, copies of James Comey’s upcoming memoir ‘A Higher Loyalty’ were leaked to ...

Former Trump Aide Kevin Chmielewski Accuses Scott Pruitt of Unethical & Illegal Behavior at the EPA

Embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is facing new allegations of potentially criminal behavior, adding ...