About Brandon Gage

Brandon began his writing career in a hospital bed in July, 2017. His mission is to provide insight into current events via daily breaking news. Brandon is also a writer for Knowable and The Hill Reporter and a contributing editor for Chosen Magazine. A total politics junkie, he ruins everyone's newsfeed on a daily basis. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Music from Indiana University. He has three cats.

Articles by Brandon Gage

READ: Ivanka Trump Tweets ‘I’m En Route to the Hague’

Oh dear.

REPORT: Trump’s Tariffs on China will Likely Cost Average American Families $2200 in Tax Increases

Not a win.

REPORT: Donald Trump Appeals Ruling That Congress Can Subpoena His Financial Records to Merrick Garland’s DC Circuit Court of Appeals

Well well well.

READ: Matthew Gertz Tweets ‘Folks, The President Is Threatening Iran Because of a Fox News Segment. Left, Fox, 4:16 PM Right, Trump, 4:25 PM’

Some serious Sunday executive time.

READ: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets ‘Abortion Bans Aren’t Just About Controlling Women’s Bodies. They’re About Controlling Women’s Sexuality. Owning Women’




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