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Benjamin Wachs is the author of the short story collection "A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City." His work has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Playboy.com, San Francisco Magazine, and has been syndicated across Gatehouse Media. He tweets as @BenjaminWachs and his online home is www.FascinatingStranger.com.

Losing Faith in Democracy

Summary: As surveys show that free and open societies are dwindling around the world, ...

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U.S. Drone Program Encouraged Overworked Pilots To Kill Civilians

U.S. military drone operators are being honored for their service, even amid allegations that ...

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Energy Industry Predicted Global Warming In 1979, But Didn’t Tell Anyone

Oil industry researchers made predictions about global warming decades before the world was talking ...

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America benefits from China’s economic free-fall – until it doesn’t. Then it gets ugly.

The news about China’s economy keeps getting worse.  China’s pain is America’s gain in ...

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Volkswagen’s screwed: Committing a 20th century crime in the 21st century

Volkswagen is likely to be successfully prosecuted by a number of countries for its ...

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Ghosting, Love and Loneliness: What The Internet Is Doing To Our Social Lives

New research has re-opened the old question of whether the internet is making us ...

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The Deficit Is Falling, but Ignorance Is Rising – and That’s No Accident

[DIGEST: MSNBC, Bloomberg] The way people talk about how much the federal budget deficit ...